I would love to purchase from you the "First Steps in Music, Infants and Toddlers" ,BUNDLE at the class ?

Yes, but connect with me and let me know what you want me to have on hand.  If I run out, I can have it sent to your location within the week at no additional shipping cost.  If I know to have it on hand a couple weeks out, then I can be sure that you can walk away with your purchases that day.


Please feel free to ask questions either directly with me or on Facebook. 


The cost for the 3 day training is $325.  Below is the registration link, please click enter requested information along with how you'd like to proceed with payment via email or other.  Payment can be by check, cash or card.   II’ll send a payment link, once I’ve received a registration.


Class Registration Link




While I don't require anything for books, certain books are heavily referenced and necessarily to implement First Steps. 


The cost of class does not cover the books. 


I will have these available to the class at the cover price as part of my GIA Feierabend store.   You may also find the titles sooner at the GIA website or elsewhere online.  If there are particular resources you are intending to purchase from me at class, ley know two weeks beforehand so I can be sure to have those on hand.   The advantage of purchasing in class is that the shipping costs are waived since it's part of a session. 


Are there required books for First Steps class? 

Nothing is required, however the teacher curriculum book (First Steps in Music and Beyond: $47) is recommended for reference and necessary to do the curriculum.  Even if you never chose to use the curriculum as it is, the book is worth it as an educational reference.    In addition, I recommend at the bare minimum to start out with, although not necessarily, 2 CDS (keeping the beat and Had a lIttle Rooster) and the Move-it DVD, it's so much faster to learn them from video.   I'll have these all available in my class pop-up store, as well as a the whole collection of Feierabend books.   Check with me for a special price of a starter package of these items mentioned above.



 The Green book "First Steps in Music, Preschool and Beyond ", $46.  is the most heavily referenced book in the class. 


 It's also useful to have at least the first year CDs (Had a Little Rooster )



keeping the Beat https://www.giamusic.com/store/resource/keeping-the-beat-recording-cd493


We’ll also discuss this in class  

"First Steps in Music, Infants and Toddlers" (aka purple) and cost $42, but is not required.  There are also CDs and song collections to accompany this curriculum as well.  I'll have some in class for perusal.


Other Book Options: 

The publisher offers online "First Steps in Music, Preschool and Beyond basic package" $89.95 (teacher curriculum book plus four cds) https://www.giamusic.com/search_details.cfm?title_id=7590


What the package doesn’t include is:

 Move-it! 1  DVD


 ($45)  This one item will have a memorable impact on every person in the room and requires the DVD to learn them all in place of year 2 and 3 CDS. 


The other necessary book to be successful with FSIM is The Book of Creative Movement Exploration, Item #: G-5876    $14.95.  This is necessary because the manual only has a couple examples.  


I’d like to offer you a different  basic package for $115.  While it’s more money up front, I put this package together as what I think teachers need to have on hand to be successful with FSIM.


John’s Basic Package $115.  Let me know  a couple weeks before if you want this.

First Steps in Music, Preschool and Beyond, (Green Book) 

The Book of Creative Movement Exploration

Move-it! 1  DVD

CD “Had a Little Rooster” https://www.giamusic.com/search_details.cfm?title_id=7913 and 

CD Keeping the Beat https://www.giamusic.com/store/resource/keeping-the-beat-recording-cd493 


After that, there are many add on options that I will have available in class to try out.  If I was going to add to this, I'd add some flash card sets ($20 each): Vocal Exploration Pathways, Pitch Exploration Stories, Down by the Bay, Oh In the Woods and maybe some Songtale books.  After that there are many song collections for different area of the workout as well as for upper elementary.  I’ll bring those along for perusal and purchase.  


Payment Policy

A $50 deposit reserves a spot and is refundable until seven days before class starts.


Full payment is due two weeks before the start of class and is refundable (3 days before the start of class).   After that you can receive a refund of half the full cost of the course OR reserve a spot in a future Certification Course led by John Crever.  If you need a different payment option, ask.  


For copies of the class specific flyers, head over to Facebook: Fame of the West (https://www.facebook.com/groups/FAMEWest/) and there are copies of PDFs in the "Files" section of each class as well as an info sheet about Feierabend, myself and the classes. 



Nightly assignments? 

Not unless you're seeking the 2 grad credits, then yes there will be evening reading and light daily written assignment but a written assignment (paper and unit/lesson plans)  would also be due a couple weeks after completion of course.    There has been known to be some discussion taking place in the evenings on FB in the class pages about clarifying the topics of the day.   


Is it possible to do the Conversational Solfege even though I have not taken a First Steps in Music certification course?

Yes it is Possible.  It’s OK to take them out of order.


 Where is the conference and do you have any lodging ideas or suggestions nearby.

IDK.  I’m based in Portland, OR.   If the class is in Portland, I suggest staying close to class or find a neighborhood you want to be in (there 27 distance neighborhoods) and seek a room in that location.  There’s a ton of AirBnB units in town for just about every price range.   Once you're registered for the class, I try to have the exact location to you shortly. 



I can only attend half of the class, can I get partial credit?

I don't actually make the certificates, that's done by the FAME executive director, and partial certification is not available.  


Do you have a Registration Form that is printable ?

yes, If it’s not on the events page, then email me requesting one.  


My school will be paying for this. How do I go about getting an invoice for the school? 

Send me their email address for accounting and I can issue an invoice .  I can invoice the school.  I can send it to your email or if you give me an email address of someone in the business office, I can forward it directly to them.  The invoice will have a payment link that they can click to pay for registration.  



How do I go about sending in the fee to officially register for the FS certification? 

If you want to send a check, use the address at the footer of the webpage.


I was looking for a way to sign up for your … class, but I can't figure out where I can sign up. Could you guide me in the right direction?


I'm wondering about hours of the workshop, tuition, as well as possibly getting grad credit?

2 grad credits are available.  Eventually I’ll have that link on the website, but for now, just check at registration that you’d like grad credits and that can be set up.  Additional out of class assignments will be required.  Once you’ve registered with me, I can direct you to a credit registration with my cooperative university.



Yes, they are coming back and will be part of the same university program, once it’s approved. 


Please do not send me money for credits, only class registration. Paying for the credits will take place directly with the university. The cost is  around $110 for two credits (CEU’s around $20), plus a small administrative fee.  They will contact you via email.  


Also, there are a couple Feierabend focused pages to give you a chance to get to know the community.  Feierabend fundamentals is the main page and then Fame of the West is for regional connection with others interested in the Feierabend approach here in the West (https://www.facebook.com/groups/FAMEWest/


Please join the specific class groups that you are interested in to stay current on the class discussion. 


San Diego, CA  FS



Great Falls, Montana  CS



Seattle, WA FS






Bend Oregon FS



Portland, OR  CS



Minnesota, Twin Cities



Los Angeles & Orange County




I look forward to meeting, sharing, and building Feierabend Community together.

John Crever, Endorsed Feierabend Methodology Teacher Trainer
(503) 278-5959
Portland, OR, 97215
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