The Feierabend Approach Builds


  • Musical intelligence

  • Singing Skills

  • Sensitivity to the Beat

  • Expressive Movement

  • Musical Memory

  • Preferences

  • Neurological Connections

What is the Feierabend Approach?

The Feierabend approach to music education is based on the philosophies of John Feierabend, who believes all people are born with the potential to become musical.  


Feirabend's teachings stem from the Kodaly method from Hungary and an extensive survey of research related to the development of singing and movement skills in young children.   Feierabend teachers strive to provide a music program that’s rich in the repertoire of traditional children's songs, rhymes, games and dances that develop young children's musical aptitude though regular musical workouts. 


In the early years of Feierabend music education, the learner emerges as a musical person by developing independence for thinking tunes, feeling rhythms and responding to the expressiveness in music.  As the learner matures, independent musical thinking blossoms at every age with the help of a rich variety of traditional folk and classical literature and fun, musically thinking games guided by an easy to use 12 step plan. 


The ultimate goal of the Feierabend approach is to create fully engaged, independent musicians who can hear, understand, read, write, compose, and improvise music using the voice and body.  Available as two curriculums used by more than 6000 music teachers worldwide, First Steps in Music and Conversational Solfege are a unique combination of research-based curriculum, quality literature, and practical experience.


John Crever, Endorsed Feierabend Methodology Teacher Trainer
(503) 278-5959
Portland, OR, 97215
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